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Article: Top 13 Groom Outfits Redefining Wedding Fashion

Top 13 Groom Outfits Redefining Wedding Fashion

Top 13 Groom Outfits Redefining Wedding Fashion

As the world of Indian groom fashion evolves in 2024, grooms are presented with a myriad of choices that seamlessly blend tradition with contemporary style. Here's a curated list of the top 13 trending wedding outfits, ensuring every groom makes a statement on their special day.

Classic Sherwani with a Contemporary Twist

Traditional sherwanis receive a modern makeover in 2024, offering grooms a perfect blend of timeless charm and contemporary flair. The classic silhouettes are elevated with intricate embroidery, introducing a touch of sophistication. High-necked sherwanis, when paired with fitted trousers and contrasting dupattas, epitomize the fusion of tradition and modernity, ensuring the groom stands out on this special day.

Regal Bandhgala Suits

Bandhgala suits continue to gain immense popularity. Characterized by a high-necked, closed-collar design, these suits come in a variety of colors and feature exquisite embroidery. The bandhgala exudes regal charm, making it a perfect choice for a sophisticated wedding look.

Sherwani Gowns

Sherwani gowns epitomize grandeur and sophistication. These majestic outfits combine the grace of a sherwani with the flowing elegance of a gown. Often embellished with luxurious fabrics, layers, and intricate detailing, sherwani gowns stand out as a unique and show-stopping choice.

Royal Velvet Ensembles

Velvet makes a strong comeback in Indian groom fashion. Velvet sherwanis, bandhgala suits, and even velvet turbans are trending in 2024. The fabric's opulence and rich texture make it a perfect choice for winter weddings, with deep jewel tones like royal blue and emerald green gaining popularity.

Pastel Elegance

A shift towards pastel hues is observed in 2024. Grooms are embracing soft shades like blush pink, powder blue, and mint green. These calming colors exude a sense of serenity, perfect for daytime weddings and outdoor celebrations. Pastel ensembles are often adorned with intricate embroidery, offering a blend of grace and modernity.

Indo-Western Fusion

The fusion of Indian and Western styles continues its upward trajectory, capturing the imagination of modern grooms. Indo-western outfits, seamlessly combining traditional and contemporary elements, offer versatility and a stylish edge. From Nehru jackets paired with jeans to kurta suits featuring unique drapes and asymmetrical cuts, this trend allows grooms to express their individuality while embracing a cultural amalgamation.

Dapper Tuxedos

The dapper tuxedo takes center stage in groomswear trends, providing grooms with a sophisticated and refined look. The resurgence of well-tailored black, navy, and even colored tuxedos, coupled with stylish bow ties or designer lapel pins, reflects a perfect blend of modern elegance. The groom embracing a tuxedo makes a bold statement, showcasing a timeless choice with a contemporary twist.

Kurta Sets with Intricate Embroidery

Kurta sets with intricate embroidery remain a timeless and elegant choice. Traditional Indian embroidery techniques like zardozi and threadwork add a touch of opulence to this classic outfit. Pair them with churidar pants or dhotis for a complete look.

Sherwanis with Statement Accessories

Accessories play a crucial role in the groom's overall look. In 2024, expect grooms to don statement accessories like embroidered mojaris, elaborate turbans with kalgi (turban brooch), and bejeweled buttons for sherwanis. These additions add a touch of luxury and individuality to the outfit.

Sustainable and Conscious Choices

An emerging trend in groom fashion is the adoption of sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Many grooms are opting for outfits made from organic fabrics, supporting local artisans. Sustainable choices align with modern values and make a statement beyond style.

Open Collar Kurtas: Lounging in Style

A modern take on the classic kurta, open collar kurtas are perfect for sunny brunches and pool parties at destination weddings. The youthful cut and flowy silhouette make this style comfortable yet edgy.

Velvet Bundi: Effortless Elegance

Velvet blazers emerge as a timeless trend in groomswear, exuding opulence and sophistication. Whether in shades of burgundy, black, green, or navy, the plush texture of velvet adds a luxurious touch to the ensemble. Often paired with a contrasting black lapel, velvet blazers offer a perfect choice for autumn or winter weddings, providing grooms with a stylish and refined appearance.

Angrakha Style Sherwani: Timeless Elegance

A style that transcends age and body type, the Angrakha Style Sherwani is an elegant choice for extravagant wedding celebrations. Opt for neutral hues, intricate detailing, and monochromatic ensembles to exude understated grandeur.

Color and Fabric Trends

Color Palette: In 2024, the color palette for groomswear is diverse. While pastel shades like blush pink, powder blue, and mint green dominate daytime weddings, deep jewel tones such as royal blue and emerald green are popular for winter celebrations. Grooms looking to make a confident statement are opting for colorful suits, including blush pink, bold burgundy, emerald green, and rich rusty tones.

Fabric Choices: Luxurious fabrics play a pivotal role in groomswear trends. Velvet takes center stage, making a strong comeback with its opulence and rich texture. Sustainable and conscious choices are on the rise, with grooms opting for outfits made from organic fabrics, supporting local artisans, and aligning with modern values. Other notable fabric choices include brocade, satin, linen, seersucker, and traditional Indian embroidery techniques like zardozi and threadwork, adding a touch of opulence to classic outfits.

Floral Prints: Floral prints make a vibrant entrance into groomswear trends, offering grooms an effortless way to infuse color into their look. Whether adorning ties, pocket squares, shirts, or suit linings, floral patterns provide a refreshing and lively touch. This trend is particularly popular for spring or summer weddings, allowing grooms to embrace a bold and nature-inspired aesthetic on their special day.

Loafers: A partner trend to the bare ankle (though they can also be worn with socks) loafers have become a staple among the most fashionable grooms of recent years. Brands like Gucci have been leaders in this trend, but you can also find personalized versions as well as plenty of high street versions too.

Cool & Casual: Few grooms veer away from donning a shirt and tie, but for the guy who wants something more casual, opting for a crisp white tee, or shirt with no tie, or bowtie is an easy way to do it, especially when paired with a colored suit. This is also a great look for an elopement, the registry office, destination wedding, rehearsal dinner, or day two.

Velvet Blazers: A trend with serious staying power, we love that velvet blazers are still a big trend for grooms. Burgundy, black, green, and navy - often paired with a contrasting black lapel - are the most common choices for this trend and work beautifully for autumn or winter weddings.

Personalization: From embroidery under collars and on cuffs to custom suit jacket lining and monogrammed pocket squares, personalization is set to be huge for grooms in 2024 and 2025. We're seeing more and more grooms looking for ways to make their suit their own not only to personalize it to their style but to add a unique detail or element that commemorates the special day.

Statement Accessories: From bold ties, colorful pocket squares, and fun socks to unique cufflinks and sleek watches, grooms are looking for more ways to add sleek and statement accessories to their wedding day look than ever to make a memorable impression.

The Second Look: With the 'second look' bigger than ever for brides, grooms are also now getting in on the action! If you’re thinking of swapping your suit for something less formal during your reception, we say go for it!


In conclusion, 2024's groomswear trends offer a diverse array of choices, allowing grooms to express their individuality while embracing both tradition and modernity. Whether it's the timeless elegance of a classic sherwani, the regal allure of bandhgala suits, or the bold statement of colorful ensembles, each outfit reflects the groom's personality and style. The incorporation of sustainable and eco-friendly choices further adds a meaningful touch to the celebration, aligning with contemporary values. As grooms embark on their journey of love and commitment, the world of groom fashion in 2024 ensures they do so in style.

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