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Article: Summer Wedding Outfit Ideas for Grooms

Summer Wedding Outfit Ideas for Grooms

Summer Wedding Outfit Ideas for Grooms

How’s your wedding shopping going? Everyone must be asking you this question right? We know it adds a lot of pressure. But, don’t worry. Take your time, and explore your options. Because your wedding shopping should be fun and exciting. And we are doing just that with this ultimate guide to summer wedding outfits for grooms. 

We will help you find the best outfits and leave your lady love in awe during the wedding. 

Here are some men’s summer wedding outfit ideas to inspire you. 

We have divided the outfits by occasion so that it is easy for you to shortlist. 

Colorful Lightweight Kurtas — Perfect for Haldi and Mehendi

Summertime calls for vibrant colors and playful prints, making printed kurtas the ultimate choice for a carefree vibe at Haldi and Mehendi ceremonies. Just think about Virat Kohli's colorful kurta at his pre-wedding ceremony — it set the perfect tone for celebration! 

This summer also, bold colors are all the rage.  So don't be afraid to experiment with colors and make a statement with your outfit. Opt for a beautifully printed kurta to add that extra pop of color to your Haldi or Mehendi ceremony attire. Not only are they stylish, but these kurtas are also lightweight and comfortable, allowing you to move freely and enjoy the festivities. 

Here's a pro tip: Invest in a kurta set with a jacket for added versatility. You can easily repurpose it for other occasions like your friend's wedding. All you have to do is remove the jacket —-and there you go. Your kurta will look completely different. 

Elevated Indowestern —- For a rocking Sangeet 

Indo-westerns come in different styles. You can choose from the following different styles of Indiwestern ensembles that match your style. 

  •  Indowestern kurta set with matching Koti 
  • This style has been loved by grooms for quite a while now. Because it has this sophisticated and regal appeal that elevates your look to the next level. If classy and opulent is your vibe —- this style of Indo-western ensemble is perfect for you. 

  • Stylist bandhgala with modern silhouettes
  • There are Bandhgalas for Indowestern sets as well. However, here we are talking about single-piece Bandhgalas that come in different silhouettes and cuts. Different cuts at the bottom of the kurtas make it unique and give you that dashing look. 

    Some bandhgala sherwanis also have embroidered details for that electrifying look. So, these bandhgalas are hands down perfect if you are looking for something stylish and effortless. 

  • Traditional jodhpuri with royal shawl
  • This ensemble in an extension of bandhgala sherwanis because you carry a shawl with it. You can style the shawl anyway you like. Either you can wrap it around your neck or drape it on your shoulder and carry the other end in your hand. This simply accentuates your look. 

    It’s a good option if you and your groomsmen want to wear coordinated outfits and rock the Sangeet. 

    Timeless Sherwani’s Enchanting Wedding Look 

    Now, let’s talk about the outfit for the big day. The most important out of all —- wedding sherwani for groom.  Fortunately, this season offers a lot of options for grooms, allowing for experimentation and personalization.  

    Whether you want to go with the Sherwanis in a traditional neutral color palette or pastel for that matter— the choices are endless. Additionally, there’s a newest style that is making rounds this summer. Its Anarkali Sherwanis. 

    So. let’s talk about all the styles in detail. 

  • The classic neutrals 
  • Many grooms are embracing the classics this summer. Whether its beige, ivory or cream — choose any with your eyes closed and you will look no more than a prince charming right out of an Indian Disney Film — just like your to-be-wife would love. 

  • Newest in fashion — Anarkali Sherwanis 
  • If dressing extra is your style just like Bollywood heartthrob Ranveer Singh, this is a must-wear wedding sherwani. It’s the newest trend you cannot miss especially if you are getting married this summer.  

    With its unconventional silhouette and intricate detailing, the Anarkali Sherwani adds a contemporary twist to traditional wedding attire. It has this majestic look that’s sure to enchant your to-be-wife. 

  • Pastel wedding sherwanis
  • It's summer, so we have to talk about pastels. Soft hues like pastel green, baby blue, and blush pink exude a gentle and romantic aura, perfectly complementing the sunny ambience of a daytime wedding. It's the best choice especially if you are having a day wedding. You know Pulkit Samrat recently wore a pastel green sherwani and melted our hearts. So, pastel is still in trend and yet to stay. 

    So, you can consider it if you are looking for something light and beautiful. 

    Glam Tuxedos — For dazzling Cocktail Party / Reception 

    When it comes to making a statement at the cocktail party or reception, nothing quite compares to the timeless elegance of a tuxedo. Whether you opt for the classic black or venture into shades like grey or even forest green, a well-fitted tuxedo is guaranteed to elevate your look and exude sophistication and charm

    And by the way forest green colour is the trendiest among grooms for cocktail parties. You can style it with a stylish watch and make a dashing appearance at the party. It’s a good investment because you can later style the blazer with a white shirt and matching pants for some other party. 

    And for the added glam, you can even opt of wedding suits for men that have embroidered embellishments or sequin details. Whether it's subtle embroidery along the lapels or bold sequin detailing on the jacket, these embellishments add an extra layer of elegance and sophistication to your look. 




    If you are really confused about what to wear for all the ceremonies, follow this guide. We have kept it as simple as possible. Opt for printed kurtas for pre-wedding ceremonies. Then, pick a neutral color or pastel sherwani for the wedding. Or go for anarkali sherwani if you want something new and fresh. For reception/cocktail, you can opt for tuxedos. 

    All the outfits that you see here in the pictures are from Riyaasat. If you would like to explore more from our collection, click here. 

    Still confused about choosing the right wedding outfit? 

    Book a free virtual consultation with our stylists today.

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